Birds and Arrows

Birds and Arrows are Andrea and Pete Connolly. They are musicians and artists who recently migrated from Durham, NC to Tucson, AZ.  Throughout their 10 year career as a band they have developed a rich sound that is much more than the sum of their parts. The romance between Andrea and Pete's voices is distinctly captivating, fusing together to accomplish an elegance and warmth that is truly their own.  As collaborative song writers the couple masterfully creates unique, harmony driven songs offset by distorted guitars and heavy drums.   Using elegant and powerful imagery Birds and Arrows' songs evokes nostalgia and heartache.  Music for the listening lovelorn.    

Their new record "Edge of Everything" is out now on iTunes

Amazon and Spotify  

"Edge of Everything" was produced and recorded by: 

Chris Stamey of the dB's and Birds and Arrows.  

The record includes a wonderful cast of NC musicians:  

Robert Sledge of Ben Folds Five : bass

Matt Douglas of The Mountain Goats : sax

 Skylar Gudasz : vocals and flute

Eric Haugen of Swedish Fish : guitar and pedal steel

Kyra Moore Holt of Sweet By & By : banjo and fiddle

Jonathan Durlam of Graveyard Fields  : guitar

Roger Gupton : bass

Omar Ruiz-Lopez: fiddle


Songs from the couple have also been included on compilations with Jeff Tweedy, Yo La Tengo and Ryan Adams' Whiskeytown.  

"There is a violent tension in the moniker Birds and Arrows, but the music that couple Pete and Andrea Connolly craft, spins that friction away from brutality and into elegant, elemental heights. If you take even just one passing listen to their music, it’s apparent these are voices that aren’t in harmony so much as interlocked. It’s as if two people wandering around the woods suddenly came upon each other and realized they were singing the same song"

Ashley Melzer - Paste Magazine


Birds and Arrows talk about their move west and walk you through their NC creative career in this  Independent Weekly article by Corbie Hill

Or listen to a live interview on NPR/WUNC's The State of Things with Frank Stasio


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