Birds and Arrows

New Album Arbitrary Magic

out on Baby Gas Mask Records

Distributed by Redeye Worldwide

Photo by Bill Hudson

Photo by Bill Hudson

Like Aves filling their four-chambered hearts with joy, soaring where the clouds of emotion no longer obscure the clear sight of the soul, Birds and Arrows shoot bolts of deliverance with courage as they move forward
— XAVIER OMAR OTERO - Tucson Weekly

Birds and Arrows are overflowing with invention, dedication and exuberance. Andrea and Pete sing together as if the Everly Bros. had joined Fleetwood Mac which doesn’t hurt at all! If the Devil is in the details, then watch what you wish for around Birds & Arrows
— CHRIS STAMEY of The dB's


“Birds and Arrows formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2007. After releasing four full-length albums and critically-acclaimed EPs—this husband and wife duo's songs appear on compilations with Jeff Tweedy, Yo La Tengo, Ryan Adams' Whiskeytown and the mythic Big Star—having outgrown their genesis as a quiet folk act, Andrea and Pete Connolly relocated to Tucson, AZ to shed their skin under the desert sun, peeling away the old atop metamorphic rock, to allow further growth'' - XAVIER OMAR OTERO - Tucson Weekly

Birds and Arrows new album “Arbitrary Magic”, out now on Baby Gas Mask Records, is raw and wildly energetic. Experience first hand, Birds and Arrows' transformation from love lorn folk duo, to hard hitting, rock and roll badassery.

Photo by Mark Martinez

Photo by Mark Martinez



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